The Green Gap

In the Cold War, we feared a Missile Gap was a strategic weakness. Nowadays, we must awaken to the fact that the Green Gap is true strategic weakness: the nations whose economies will thrive in the coming years will not be those with the biggest factories, but those with the most sustainable, efficient, and ecological markets. What we require is a Strategic "Green Reserve" of ecological design to weather the coming changes that both climate and resource scarcity will force on the international economy.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Vermiculture in Philippines

I should go talk to this guy.

"About two years ago, Rico experimented on raising the African nightcrawler to produce vermicompost. At first the purpose was to solve the problem of disposing goat manure. He soon discovered that vermicompost is a potent fertilizer for their forage grasses. He then decided to make vermiculture an honest-to-goodness business venture.

Today, they are producing 8 to 10 tons of vermicompost every month. The goat manure is an ideal substrate for vermiculture together with the left over grasses of the animals. The combination of goat raising and vermiculture is a winning strategy. Why? Well, the big sales come from the sale of the goats for breeding and fattening. But that comes just a few times a year. On the other hand, the vermicompost provides cash flow regularly throughout the year. The vermicompost is bought by hobbyists as well as commercial organic farmers and gardeners."

Found him! RLD Farms, Cabuyao

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