The Green Gap

In the Cold War, we feared a Missile Gap was a strategic weakness. Nowadays, we must awaken to the fact that the Green Gap is true strategic weakness: the nations whose economies will thrive in the coming years will not be those with the biggest factories, but those with the most sustainable, efficient, and ecological markets. What we require is a Strategic "Green Reserve" of ecological design to weather the coming changes that both climate and resource scarcity will force on the international economy.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Growing Power

Many people will be familiar with Growing Power, a working farm from Milwaukee that has set up satellites all over the United States. These people not only train, educate, and employ, but they produce good, wholesome food on a minimum amount of groundspace.

What's interesting about these guys is that they walk the walk (as opposed to people who just talk the talk like me). The CEO of the farm, Will Allen, consistently stresses "dollars per square foot" in his farming practices, and sells his produce in "baskets" usable by a family over a week.

Through using integrated practices as diverse as methane digestion, vermiculture, aquaponics, and ordinary greenhousing, the production of Growing Power's farms is something spectacular.

Just to remind you I'm still alive (after suffering a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning) and I'll be back blogging more regularly soon!

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